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Root Canals

Root Canals

Root Canals services offered in MIAMI, FL Serving South Florida

Thanks to advancements in dental technology, today’s root canals are painless and effective. Ramiro Esparragoza, DDS, and Jorge Fornaris, DMD, of Gables Sedation Dentistry in the Coral Gables neighborhood of Miami, Florida, offer advanced root canal therapy that relieves pain and preserves smiles. To explore your options, call the office or book online today. 

Root Canals Q & A

What are root canals?

A root canal is a treatment performed to repair an infected tooth. You may not think of your teeth as living structures, but the innermost chamber contains a matrix of living tissues called pulp. Your pulp includes blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. 

When bacteria enter this small chamber, an infection creates inflammation. There’s no room to accommodate this swelling, which is why infected teeth are so painful. A root canal treats the problem by removing all traces of dental pulp. 

Once among the most dreaded dental restorations, today’s root canals are effective and painless. If you’re worried about your procedure, Gables Sedation Dentistry offers a number of sedation options to keep you comfortable and calm from start to finish.  

When are root canals recommended?

Unlike some dental issues, an infected tooth creates a clear set of symptoms. The most prevalent sign of a tooth infection is significant dental pain. Some other indications your dentist might recommend a root canal include:

  • Pimple-like sores on your gum tissue
  • Red or darkened gums
  • Pain that worsens when you bite or chew
  • Lingering sensitivity to heat or cold
  • Cracked tooth

If you experience any of these changes, schedule a diagnostic exam right away. 

What should I expect during a root canal?

If you and your dentist decide to move forward with a root canal, the first step is administering a local anesthetic. You won’t feel a thing from this point forward, but if you’re worried about the procedure, the practice offers sedation dentistry.

Once you’re comfortable, the dentist begins by creating a small opening to access the inner chamber of your tooth. A series of dental tools called files reach deep inside the tooth to remove all traces of pulp, including down in the canals of the root. 

After a thorough rinse, the empty chamber is treated to remove any lingering bacteria before a material called gutta percha fills the space. A small filling closes the access hole, and impressions give the dental lab the specifications needed to create a custom crown. 

A temporary crown protects the tooth until the new version arrives. Your dentist cements the crown in place and checks to ensure there are no rough spots or areas of discomfort. 

If you’re curious about root canal treatment, booking a visit is fast and easy with online or phone options at Gable Sedation Dentistry.