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What Do Rubber Bands On Braces Actually Do?

May 26, 2019
What Do Rubber Bands On Braces Actually Do?
Orthodontists use braces to help you get a straight, radiant smile. For some people, additional force is needed to make the adjustments in the teeth in order to gain the proper alignment...

Orthodontists use braces to help you get a straight, radiant smile. For some people, additional force is needed to make the adjustments in the teeth in order to gain the proper alignment. This is one of the most necessary parts of orthodontic treatment, but there are many steps.

First, there are the braces, then brackets which are made of small metal pieces; the brackets are bonded to the braces by wire and also directly onto your teeth. The brackets are also connected to the archwire, which is attached to square brackets, offering a necessary anchor for the rubber bands.

“What do rubber bands on braces do?” is a common question for orthodontic patients. However, if you have concerns about elastics you are not alone. Connecting the archwire, the rubber bands attach to the brackets to provide the force needed to hold the archwire in place and adjust the jaw and teeth.

What Are Rubber Bands for Braces For?

Rubber bands are also commonly called “elastics,” by orthodontists as they are basically just small elastic rubber bands. Used to aid in all types of orthodontic treatments, rubber bands are essential to braces. They work by fixing to the wire portion of braces attached to your teeth, then the bands are used to adjust jaw positioning, and ultimately, your overall bite.

While braces are sometimes used without elastics, many people require the addition of these rubber bands to adjust the pressure on the braces. You see, in order to adjust imperfections in your bite, an orthodontist may adjust the rubber bands at each appointment.

Here are just a few more of the most frequently asked questions about rubber bands on braces:

Q: What are rubber bands on braces?

A: The flexible, stretchy elastics that work on braces for orthodontic treatment are known as rubber bands for braces. They are used to adjust tension in your braces throughout the duration of your braces treatment and are a vital component of orthodontic dental plans.

Q: What are elastics made of?

A: Most rubber bands are actually made from natural latex. This type of rubber is a base used for braces elastics and is essential for flexible jaw movement. The material is considered safe, but if you have any concerns, be sure to talk to your orthodontist.

Q: How do elastics work?

A: Another way that rubber bands work in orthodontic treatment is by connecting brackets. On the upper teeth, elastics are connected to brackets on the lower teeth. Known as interarch bands, these elastics apply the pressure needed to reposition the jaw. This can improve the meeting of your bite over time and is one of the most common reasons for elastics.

Q: How can I use rubber bands on braces?

A: In order to get the best possible results from your orthodontic treatment, always take good care of your rubber bands. In addition to maintaining proper oral care, use these steps in your everyday routine to keep your elastics stretchy and clean: brushing with circular motions in a 45-degree angle, flossing, mouthwash, and protective mouthguards when needed.

Making an Orthodontist Appointment for Elastics

You may decide that getting braces is the right approach for managing imperfections in your bite. Talking to a professional orthodontist about braces is the first step in making a change in your bright smile.

Call Gables Sedation Dentistry, today! You can make an appointment for a general consultation, braces, or a rubber band adjustment. You may also decide to create an appointment schedule specifically for your elastics adjustment and changing.

It is common for debris and plaque to accumulate on the elastics, so regular changing is recommended. You can also switch the colors of rubber bands to fit your style with hot new colors, patterns, and designs. Express yourself with colorful bands and fall in love with your smile!