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Benefits Of Using Water Flosser

Dec 25, 2020
Benefits Of Using Water Flosser
It’s needless to say how important oral hygiene is. Washing your teeth regularly, using floss and regular checks at your dentist will keep your teeth and gums healthy, and you’ll always have a bright and shiny smile...

Benefits of Using Water Flosser

It’s needless to say how important oral hygiene is. Washing your teeth regularly, using floss and regular checks at your dentist will keep your teeth and gums healthy, and you’ll always have a bright and shiny smile! Having beautiful, white teeth is one of the most important things, especially if you plan on leaving a good impression when you first meet someone. By using a water flosser, you can be sure that you’re on the right path.

There are many things you can do to keep your smile white and bright. Brushing your teeth regularly is the number one thing you must do. Flossing is as important, but sometimes, traditional flossing isn’t enough to improve dental hygiene.

Is Using a Water Flosser Better Than Traditional Flossing?

For years, flossing was the only way to remove food debris from between your teeth. As technology evolved, new ways of improving oral hygiene have been discovered as well. Traditional flossing has its advantages, but there were many disadvantages as well. For one, it’s a very aggressive method of cleaning your teeth. The other reason why we needed an alternative is that we couldn’t fully clean our teeth with it, especially the parts below the gum line.

Before, the only way you could get fully clean teeth and gums was to visit a dentist who would use all the professional tools and equipment to get to the nicks and crannies we can’t reach with our toothbrush and regular floss. When the Waterpik dental equipment was released for public use, people were very suspicious whether it’s a good thing or just an expensive piece of equipment that they’ll only be able to show off with.

When you use a water flosser, you don’t use mechanical force to get rid of plaque and food debris out of your teeth. Instead, you use water pressure to gently push out all the food you can’t reach with a regular toothbrush and massage your gums while doing it. This way, you’ll have a healthier and brighter smile than ever before!

Traditional flossing uses force to get rid of food debris and plaque. The problem with traditional flossing is that you can’t reach underneath your gums and you can’t clean your teeth completely. Many have injured their gums trying to get out that one piece of food leftover in their mouth.

How to Use a Waterpik The Right Way

How to Use a Waterpik The Right Way?

A lot of people get discouraged when they start using a Waterpik. That’s mostly because many people don’t know how to use a Waterpik. Because this device shoots water under pressure, it can get very messy the first time you’re using it.

The most important thing when using a Waterpik is not to look in the mirror while using it. You should bend over your sink and make sure the water is flowing right in. If you watch yourself using this device in the mirror, you’ll most likely make a huge mess in the bathroom and splash water all over the place.

When you’ve mastered using the WaterPik dental device without splashing water all over, you should practice using it correctly. Most Waterpik devices have several operating modes. They’re usually from one to ten or low, medium and high. Different people need different intensities so make sure to experiment with the Waterpik and see which intensity is the right one for you. It should feel pleasurable, not too painful, but not too weak so you don’t feel it at all. Massaging your gums makes them much healthier and cleaner, so when you find the intensity that suits you, stick to it. Most of these devices come with two to three different extensions, so if you’re not sure which one to use, the safest bet would be to use the default or regular one.

When you feel comfortable using a Waterpik, you can start to improve dental hygiene by pointing the device at the point where your gums and teeth meet. Slowly move from the back teeth to the front and when you reach spaces between teeth, wait for a second for the water to completely clean the space. This way, you’ll make sure all the debris and plaque is eliminated from your mouth.

To get the most out of the Waterpik, you should use it once every day, just like you would a regular floss.

Reasons Why a Water Flosser Is Better Than Regular Flossing

Both traditional flossing and a water flosser have their pros and cons. There are still many people who don’t think modern technology can help them improve dental hygiene while others embrace new inventions and devices that make life easier.

A water flosser will help you save time on flossing. Instead of slowly flossing between each tooth, water flossing reduces the time needed to completely clean out all the plaque and debris on your teeth. Although many people don’t know how to use a Waterpik, it isn’t that complicated and it doesn’t take much time to get the hang of it.

A Waterpik also improves gum health. It helps clean plaque and food from hard to reach places and the water pressure massages your gums, thus making them healthier! A Waterpik is much more gentle on your teeth and gums and it’s less likely you’ll irritate your gums. Because of this, it prevents gum-related diseases such as gingivitis or periodontal disease.

Compared to regular flossing, Waterpik dental devices offer a much better cleaning result. This is because water can reach places regular floss cannot. This ensures a complete deep-clean of your teeth and gums! It’s also an amazing alternative for anyone who has braces. We all know how hard it can get to clean out plaque and food debris from braces, and the Waterpik devices clean every nook and cranny with no issues!

Ready to Improve Your Dental Health

Ready to Improve Your Dental Health?

When it comes to improving dental hygiene, there’s no question what we all want – a perfect smile and healthy gums. If you still don’t have an oral health routine, it’s the perfect time to develop one because it’s much easier and cheaper to take care of your teeth rather than to visit the dentist a couple of times a year.

Not only that, good-looking teeth and a healthy bright smile leave an amazing first impression on anyone, and by using the right products as the American Dental Association recommends, you’ll spend less time at the dentists’ office and more time showing off your amazing smile. You can check out the list of ADA approved water flossers and choose one that satisfies all your needs.

If you brush your teeth, floss and see your dentist on regular checkups, you’ll have no issues with your gums or teeth whatsoever!

There are many water flossers on the market and it’s an investment that will drastically improve your oral health. They’ve received the ADA Seal of Acceptance and are considered a safe alternative to regular flossing.

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