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5 Benefits Of Laser Gum Treatment

Mar 15, 2020
5 Benefits Of Laser Gum Treatment
The technique itself improved gum disease treatment tremendously by offering a painless solution to this oral problem...

Every new technique in dental practice helps us preserve our teeth and oral health, and laser treatment for gums is among those novelties. The technique itself improved gum disease treatment tremendously by offering a painless solution to this oral problem.

As you may know, it’s not only our teeth that suffer, gums are also susceptible to problems. Gum disease or periodontal disease is a common occurrence in patients today, resulting in infected gums as well as the supporting tissue that holds our teeth. To avoid the development or worsening of this problem, you can opt for periodontal laser treatment. Here are some of the many benefits of this method.

Less Invasive Technique

Compared to traditional procedures where tissue cutting is necessary, the laser is by far the superior option. Not only does it yield better results, but patients tend to feel more relaxed knowing that they will not undergo a traditional intervention.

The tissue suffers minimal damage during the procedure, with less swelling and reduced bleeding.

Bone Regeneration and Teeth Strength

Say you have a deep pocket between your teeth and gums, causing a lot of pain, and after determining you have periodontitis, your dentist suggests gum disease surgery. This method aims to address the problem, but it does only that. Laser gum treatment, on the other hand, has more benefits:

  • More than 85% of patients treated by the laser will experience bone regeneration in the targeted area
  • It eliminates deep pockets with ease
  • Because of bone reform, the teeth become stronger and firmer

Successful interventions are the ones addressing the main problem, but bone regeneration has amazing aftermath after the laser treatment because it can prevent further problems from developing.

Promoting Healing Time and Post-Treatment Recovery

With fewer traumas than the traditional method, your tissue will heal faster. Side effects of the process such as swelling, pain, soreness, and sensitivity are dramatically reduced. Sensitive patients, especially children, will have less traumatic experience than they normally would with the traditional form of surgery.

Promoting Healing Time and Post-Treatment Recovery

The healing time is shorter, so you will be able to use the full capacity of your teeth and mouth sooner. Even the simplest procedures in dentistry sometimes leave us with smoothies and soups as a main meal for days before we can go back to normal. With laser gum treatment, the turnaround time is incredibly fast.

Less Anxiety and Noise

Without the drill and ultrasonic instruments in the picture, all patients are going to feel more relaxed during the routine. Not only the youngest patients but the ones that are afraid of the trips to the dentist regardless of their age. Now, they can feel calmer and have a better experience overall. For us, it’s vital to get you familiar with these routines, with the smallest amount of pain as possible, with the best results, and this is why the laser gum treatment is the perfect method!

Eliminating Sensitive Teeth

A dental laser can help with battling sensitive teeth as well. Sensitive teeth treated this way are typically permanently desensitized and healed. Is gum swollen around one tooth big problem?

Overall, laser treatment for periodontal disease is a no brainer when it comes to choices as it helps patients get through the process with more ease and fewer consequences. Faster healing time and the fact that it promotes bone and teeth regeneration are reasons enough for you to schedule a visit today and plan the next steps if you have severe gum problems.