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Love Coffee but Want a White Smile? Here's What You Should Do

Jun 25, 2024
Love Coffee but Want a White Smile? Here's What You Should Do
While reducing your consumption of tannin-rich food and drinks is the easiest way to prevent tooth discoloration, there are ways to minimize stains while still enjoying your coffee. Learn more about how to prevent coffee stains.

Do you rely on coffee to kick-start your day, or to provide a burst of energy in the afternoon? You’re not alone. Americans drink a collective 400 million cups of coffee every day. 

Over time, however, your daily cup of joe can have a negative affect on your teeth. At Gables Sedation Dentistry in Miami, Florida, our team of experts offer top quality preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental care, including Zoom! teeth whitening

Coffee contains tannins, organic substances that cause tooth stains and discoloration. Tannins are also found in black teas, red wine, cola, and some fruits. While reducing your consumption of these products is the easiest way to prevent discoloration, there are ways to minimize stains without giving them up entirely.

Use a straw

While sipping hot coffee through a straw may sound strange at first, it’s an effective way to prevent tooth stains. The straw eliminates any contact between the liquid and your teeth, so there’s no chance of discoloration. For best results, try a reusable metal or bamboo straw.

Rinse with water and wait before brushing

Drink a glass of water after you finish your coffee to reduce the potential of tooth staining. The water helps wash away any residual tannins left in your mouth before they’re able to build up on your enamel. 

Brushing your teeth immediately after you consume coffee or other acidic beverages or foods can weaken enamel and increase the likelihood of stains. Wait about 30 minutes before you brush, and make sure you rinse with water first to help neutralize the pH of your mouth.

Finish your cup in one sitting

Everyone drinks coffee differently. Some people prefer to sit and relax, while others will brew a cup and nurse it throughout the day while working or doing other activities.

To maintain a white smile, try to finish your coffee in one sitting. This prevents bacteria and tannins from accumulating on your teeth, and allows you to fully rinse your mouth after each cup.

Practice good oral hygiene

If you’re a coffee lover, your oral hygiene regimen is vital to keeping your teeth healthy and white. Besides unsightly stains, coffee can also leave behind bacteria that causes enamel erosion and halitosis, also known as bad breath.

In addition to regular brushing and flossing, remember to schedule professional dental cleanings twice a year. We can often remove superficial stains during a cleaning. If you have more stubborn tooth discoloration, our dentists can recommend a whitening treatment that’s right for you, including the Zoom! Chairside whitening system.

You can limit the effects of coffee consumption on your smile. The team at Gables Sedation Dentistry can help. Call us today or go online to make an appointment at our office in Miami, Florida.